Make Sure Our Ladies Eat Well!

by Shelter Food Chairperson at Congregation Etz Chaim, Robyn Spiegel

A temporary home, a shower and a warm bed.
A place for shelter, solace, and a place to get fed.
Downhearted and despair, they often feel.
Their spirits can be lifted by enjoying a hearty meal.
By providing a nutritious dinner…a warm gift from the heart!
Partner with another family, or prepare a meal with a friend,
Serving the community is an important message to send.
Etz Chaim members, you can assist in a generous way…
By volunteering to provide a meal for just one day!
Your support is critical, so do not wait!
Partake in the mitzvah…
Go online to secure your date!

To bring dinner, please go to www.takethemameal.com 
The login is shelter and the password is 1180

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Etz Chaim volunteers do their part