Volunteer Testimonials



Volunteer Maggi O’Brien:

I have had the privilege of working at the Shearith Israel Shelter on several occasions, dating back to the time when we spent the night at the shelter with the residents.

My first experience involved serving food to the women, which included my first exposure to a kosher kitchen.  The food was wonderful and the ladies were so appreciative of the support.  My friend and I also slept at the shelter and visited with the ladies prior to bedtime, which was a very meaningful experience.  The next morning we served breakfast, and watched the women go out to look for work in the morning.

In recent years, the Shelter has employed resident managers, so there no longer is a need for overnight volunteers. But recently I had the chance to serve dinner and enjoy an evening with the residents.  It is so nice to volunteer in a place where I can interact with the people who are being served.

The Shelter offers a great opportunity to women who are at a difficult point in their lives to re-focus and sometimes to start over.  I am glad to have had the chance to meet some of these women and to be a part of this organization that does so much to help them.

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