Overview of Workshops and Other Services

Rebecca’s Tent offers a structured program including a weekly community meeting, computer and resume coaching, a Job Training Program, and weekly empowerment workshops that teach job and life skills.

The weekly Community Meeting gives residents the opportunity to provide support to each other and resolve issues within the shelter community.

Weekly empowerment workshops prepare residents to overcome barriers to employment and housing. The workshops help boost residents’ skills in job interviewing, resume writing, communications, conflict resolution and financial literacy.

The Sparkling Touch Job Training Program

The Sparkling Touch Job Training Program gives clients experience for cleaning and hospitality jobs and introduces them to entrepreneurship. The Shelter pays participants a $10.00 stipend to train with A Sparkling Touch in cleaning the shelter. Those who perform well are then hired for other jobs.  Sparkling Touch owner Shay Meyers works closely with shelter staff to provide feedback on residents’ performance which is invaluable in assessing their motivation and job readiness.  One former resident now has a permanent position with A Sparkling Touch as a result of her participation in this program. 

Follow-Up Program

The Follow-Up Program provides up to 12 months of continuing support for former residents after the shelter closes for the season.  Building on relationships that were developed during the shelter season, the program offers a weekly support and dinner meeting, case management, and MARTA transportation.  The program also links clients to volunteer jobs in the community to help build their job skills and networks.