Follow-Up Program

In 2012 the shelter put the Follow-Up Program (formerly known as the Challenge Program) in place to provide extended support to former residents in their journeys toward independence. After the shelter closes each season, this program offers the ladies a weekly dinner and support group, MARTA tickets, case management, and computer access. During the shelter season, from November to March, the meetings are held quarterly and monthly follow-up contacts are made.

A special feature of the program has been to provide the ladies with connections to volunteer jobs, which have exposed them to positive environments that build job skills and networks for them.

There also is a job-training opportunity offered through a cleaning company called the Sparkling Touch. The company invites interested clients to work with them on day jobs, helping them earn money and gain experience.

Those who have participated in this initiative have proven to be better able to obtain and keep employment as well as stable housing. The weekly meeting has become a highly effective for participants, who have mentored each other and offered practical suggestions for jobs and housing..The women in this program have developed an ongoing supportive network among themselves that has provided encouragement and practical help.